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Dr Kerry Burton

Dr Kerry Burton

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

 Washington Singer 121


Washington Singer Laboratories, University of Exeter, Perry Road, Prince of Wales Road, Exeter, EX4 4QG, UK


As a geographer, Kerry's research examines the role of civil society within environmental action and sustainability. Her PhD explored the alternative economic and organisational spaces of international climate justice activism. Kerry's recent work has focussed on just transitions, community-led initiatives, sustainability practices, and alternative economic spaces. As part of the Exeter Multidisciplinary Plastics Research team (EXeMPLaR), Kerry is researching how local and community initiatives can contribute to a circular economy through reconfiguring relationships between people and material goods through sharing, repairing, reusing, and reimagining.

Broad research specialisms

Diverse Economies

Sustainability and climate action

Civic methodologies and participatory research




PhD in Human Geography, University of Exeter

MSc in Sustainable Development, University of Exeter

Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Policy in an International Context, Open University

BA Media Arts, University of Plymouth



Following a PhD in Human Geography here at Exeter, Kerry has held a number of teaching and research posts: Postdoctoral Researcher in Smart Ecocities at the University of Exeter, Senior Teaching Associate in Human Geography at the University of Bristol,  Senior Lecturer in Geography and Environmental Management at UWE Bristol, and Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Climate Justice, Glasgow.

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Research interests

Current Project

I am currently undertaking research as part of the Exeter Multi-disciplinary Plastics Research (ExeMPlaR) team, a UKRI/NERC funded project that brings together academics from across the University of Exeter. The project responds to the growing issues of plastic waste and pollution by working toward solutions through action, innovation and social change. Within the project, my research examines community led initiatives to reduce consumption, with a focus on repairing, reusing, and sharing goods.

Current/Recent Grants and Funding

2017-2019 ESRC Seminar Series: Increasing Civil Society's capacity to deal with changing extreme weather risk: negotiating dichotomies in theory and practice (Co-I)

2018 Newton Fund: Social innovation for maintaining and restoring natural capital in post conflict Colombia 

Research projects


ExeMPLaR is a Multidisciplinary Plastics Research Hub led by the University of Exeter. The hub will use the principles of the circular economy to address the accumulation, impact and costs of plastics in the environment, whilst maintaining applications for multiple high value purposes. The initial 18–month programme will address both the causes of the problems and efforts to solve them, rather than just treating the symptoms. This research effort connects technical solutions, human behaviours, social, environmental and economic systems with circular economy principles.

Research grants

  • 2017 ESRC
    Increasing Civil Society's capacity to deal with changing extreme weather risk. Co-I


Supervision / Group

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