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Dr Stacey Heath

Dr Stacey Heath

Associate Post-doctoral Research Fellow



I am a social and environmental psychologist at the University of Exeter drawing from social psychology and human geography.

My over-arching research interest is applying the social identity approach to intra and intergroup process following group-based change such as, urban regeneration and climate change related emergencies.


Ph.D Social & Organizational Psychology, University of Exeter (2021)

BSc (Hons) Psychology, Staffordshire University (2014)

MSc Social and Organisational Psychology, University of Exeter (2015)

Associate Fellowship for the Higher education Academy for teaching (2020)


Currently, I hold my second post-doctoral research associate position at Exeter University.

Research Group Links:

Social, Environmental, & Organisational Research Group - Psychology

Environment & Sustainability Research Group - Geography

Research group links

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Research interests

I am a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Exeter. My research interests are centred on group processes, attitude, and behaviour change (in particular relation to community change, well-being, resilience, engagement and loneliness). More specifically, I adopt a social identity approach as my theoretical framework. My PhD examined the role of identity in empowering communities, that have been through processes of urban regeneration, to take ownership over change and the socio-psychological factors involved in facilitating this change to help create sustainable and healthy communities post regeneration.

More currently, my post-doctoral research looks to better understand and evaluate the impact of flood adaptation strategies (such as community-based flood adaptation strategies; i.e., migration, hard engineering, or living with risk) on community health and well-being. I have also taught on a range of social psychology courses as well as statistical courses, have module convened the MSc applied organizational course in 2019, and currently looking to transition my teaching to the environmental sciences; looking at migration, sustainability and climate change. I have also been awarded Associate Fellowship for the Higher Education Academy for teaching.

In addition, I have facilitated groups 4 health and groups 4 education (see groups and, as part of my PhD project and an impact accelerator grant, I developed and facilitated several SUSTAIN programs collaboratively with local councils and the NSPCC to community members that are (or have been) undergoing community change – such as regeneration.

Moving forward, I am interested in better understanding the effects of ‘losing / changing’ group-based identities on health, well-being, and loneliness following community change and invite discussions about this.

Additionally, I take a flexible mixed methods approach to my research adopting both qualitative and quantitative methods as well as engaging with participatory research directly with community members.

Research projects

Publications and projects:

Rabinovich, A., Heath S. C., Zhischenko, V., Mkilema, F., Patrick, A., Nasseri, M., Wynants, M., Blake, W., Mark-Mtei, K., Munishi, L., Ndakidemi, P. (2020).  Protecting the commons: Predictors of willingness to mitigate communal land degradation among Maasai pastoralists. Journal of environmental Psychology.

Heath S. C., Rabinovich, A., & Barreto, M. (2018). Putting identity into the community: Exploring the social dynamics of urban regeneration. European Journal of Social Psychology, 47, 855-866

Other Publications:

Heath, S. C., (2019). Early career research spotlight. British Psychological Society Social Psychological Review.

Heath, S. C., (2019). Exeter University Women and Girls in STEM researcher focus.

Heath, S.C. (2016). Exeter University A Researcher in Focus Publication. Available from

Research Grants & Funds:

2019 NSPCC

£7000 – External consultation award - SUSTAIN

2019 Plymouth Octopus POP+

£7000 – External consultation award - SUSTAIN

2019 Exeter University Research training Support Grant

£508.26 – Making Psychology Social: Towards a more inclusive Approach to Social Psychology World Café Event

2019 ESRC Research Training Support Grant

£508.26 – Making Psychology Social: Towards a more inclusive Approach to Social Psychology World Café Event

2018 University of Exeter post-graduate Research Fund

£505 - Presenting SUSTAIN, Lausanne

2017 Open Innovation Platform Link Fund

£1000 – SUSTAIN Intervention

2017 University of Exeter Post-Graduate Research Fund

£1100 – Communities 4 Health - SUSTAIN Intervention

2016 University of Exeter post-Graduate Research Fund

£1300 – Putting Identity into the Community, Brisbane

2016 ICSIH-3 Travel Grant

A$560 – Putting Identity into the Community, Brisbane

2014 ESRC funded 1+3 Studentship

£77,933 - Exploring the Social Dynamics of Urban Regeneration

2012 Staffordshire University student Academic Partnership

£1000 – Engaging the wider community with universities

Research networks

Exeter Loneliness Network

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External Engagement and Impact

Committee/panel activities

Member of the Athena Swan working committee

Chair of the SWDTC conference committee 2016

Editorial responsibilities

Editor and coordinator of the TOR journal

ISPP ECC Newsletter Editor

Other Consultancy (i.e. income generating work that is not research)

SUSTAIN project external consultation - in collaboration with Positive People and NSPCC.

Workshops organised

BPS social section conference 2019 - making social psychology social world cafe workshop 

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Previous Teaching & Marking responsibilities:


PSY3416 Work & Organisational Psychology

PSY2206 Methods & Statistics in Psychology 2

PSY2216 Qualitative Methods & Interview Skills

PSY1206 Introduction to research Methods

PSY2203 Social Psychology 2

PSY1126 Classic Studies in Psychology

Stats Helpdesk

GEO2317 Climate Change: Science and Society - Guest Lecture on Climate Adaptation

A-Level psychology Lecturer – Exeter college. January 2020 – June 2020


PSYM204 Advances & Methods in Social & Organisational Psychology  

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