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"We are one of the largest Geography units in the UK and our overarching ambition is to enhance our position as a world-leading centre for geographical research.

Our research strategy thus seeks to ensure that our research continues to address key societal and environmental issues both nationally and internationally, and that we remain at the forefront of defining global intellectual and scientific agendas. Alongside this we aim to ensure that our research continues to act as a catalyst for change that can bring benefits for key users, stakeholders and audiences. Achieving these ambitions requires the maintenance of a world-leading research environment, and one in which researchers from all backgrounds and all career stages can flourish. Our core research strategic priorities through to 2030 are guided by these ambitions."

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Chris Perry and Nick Gill

Co-Directors of Research & Impact 

Research groups

Our core research mission is to address social and ecological injustices, to understand and predict the changes occurring to our landscapes and ecosystems under climate change, and to make sense of the lived experience of people and the places they inhabit, both in the past and present.

Our work thus spans a broad spectrum of social, cultural and socio-economic research, as well as empirical research on landscape and ecological system responses to environmental and climate change (incl. climate modelling). In these contexts, we undertake research across every continent and are deeply involved in research across the Global South.  

Our research activity is undertaken through several Departmental research groups that speak to the challenges above.

Interdisciplinary research

We work closely with partners across the institution and wider international community to tackle key research topics through our interdisciplinary institutes, centres and groups.